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Creating a work environment that is respectful, fun, engaging, diverse, and rewarding for everyone!



Our client relationships are built on forming deep and transparent partnerships. Sharing complete information without delay is a strong founding principle for us. Honesty is a priority for Gold Mountain Communications and typifies our relationships with clients, employees, and business partners.


We are a people business. Mutual respect for all individuals, both internally and externally is a commanding value across Gold Mountain Communications. As a our company grows, respect is a primary source of richness, creativity and long term success due to the integration of individual and cultural differences, while focusing on a common mission.


Supported by a strong training program; Gold Mountain Communications experience, knowledge and rational decision-making processes are the pillars of superior solutions. The added value we bring to our clients is measurable and differentiates us from our competitors.


Based on our relentless passion for exceeding client expectations, Gold Mountain Communications has been recognized by the market and industry experts alike as a “perpetual pioneer” of industry innovation. We will continue to invest time, resources, and capital to optimize value for our clients.


Delivering more than is expected is only possible through strong commitment at every level of our organization. This is a central element of our culture. At Gold Mountain Communications, we are obligated to give our clients the best of ourselves.


Focusing first and foremost on our clients. We strive to fully meet needs and exceed expectations every time with every client.

Performing the highest quality objective work. Our commitment to producing the highest quality products and services for our clients is, and will continue to be, the key to our success.

Fostering creativity. We emphasize finding creative, inventive ways to solve problems and implement solutions.

Creating a work environment that is respectful, fun, engaging, diverse, and rewarding for everyone. Fostering these dynamics contributes greatly to our effectiveness and happiness.

Maximizing the contribution of each staff member through training, mentoring, and the efficient, effective use of technology. We strive to deliver results with limited time and capital resources.

Balancing corporate success / profitability with personal pursuits, family commitments and community involvement.

Gold Mountain Communications is setting new standards in the contact center industry and will always strive to be the industry leader. We are very proud of our team and most importantly, thank you for considering Gold Mountain Communications as a service provider.

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Phone: 417-851-GOLD (4653)
Fax: 417-851-4654

1701 W. Sunshine Street, Suite K
Springfield, MO 65807

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We're looking for new team members who are dependable, highly motivated, possess strong verbal skills, and have at least 6 months prior telemarketing or sales experience. Pay includes hourly plus commission – our team members average over $20 an hour, and some are making as much as $60 an hour.


O: 417-851-GOLD (4653)   •   F: 417-851-4654   •   1701 W. Sunshine St, Suite K   •   Springfield, MO 65807
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